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Active substance
Abiraterone, 250 mg
The country
Cipla Ltd
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The drug IKSBIRA with the active ingredient abiraterone was developed by specialists from India. IKSBIRA is prescribed for the treatment of prostate cancer. IKSBIRA is used even in cases where surgery or other drugs do not help. Our online pharmacy sells this medicine at low prices.


Our online pharmacy has contracts with the manufacturers of this drug in India. It is for this reason that the prices in our pharmacy are much lower than in others. All supplied drugs have all the necessary certificates and licenses. IKSBIRA is manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla Limited.

Reviews of the drug IKSBIRA (XRIBA)

Through numerous studies, it was found out that when using the drug IKSBIRA, testosterone production is blocked, after which the growth of the tumor stops. This medicine is currently classified as a novelty, so the manufacturer is not aware of any side effects. Patients taking this drug report a positive trend.

Description of the drug IKSBIRA (ABIRATERON)

IKSBIRA tablets are sold in the form of white cone-shaped capsules. Each capsule contains 250 mg of abiraterone acetate - the active substance. This substance helps block the growth of cancer cells. What remains in the body after this drug is excreted by the intestines and kidneys.

Methods of using IKSBIR and indications

IKSBIRA is used in the treatment of prostate cancer. The use of this medication is strictly controlled by a doctor, and usually one tablet is prescribed per day between meals. The attending physician, seeing this or that condition of the patient, has the right to both reduce and increase the dosage of the drug.

Contraindications for the use of IKSBIR

Since IKSBIRA affects the human hormonal system, the drug is not prescribed for the treatment of women, children and adolescents. Also, contraindications include intolerance to the components of the drug, allergy to them. In cases where muscle weakness or cramps appear, you should immediately stop using the drug and contact your doctor.

Ordering the drug IKSBIRA

An online pharmacy offers this drug at very low prices. You can place an order in several ways: send a message in Viber, fill out an application on the website or leave a contact for communication. In any of these cases, our specialist will contact the indicated numbers to clarify the order, as well as for a possible free consultation on drugs.

Delivery of IKSBIR

Since our online pharmacy is engaged in the purchase of drugs from direct manufacturers, delivery across Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar will take no more than two days. Delivery to other cities of Russia is possible by Russian Post or EMS.

Payment of IKSBIR

The pharmacy uses the following payment system for the order: first, the buyer receives it, and then pays. Such a measure was taken so that the buyer was convinced that the expiration dates of the brought drug were normal, as well as that the integrity of the package was not violated, and that the drug itself was not damaged. When the buyer is satisfied that everything is in order, payment is made. If the buyer decides to pay for the order immediately, on the pharmacy's website, before it is received, then the buyer receives a discount on the entire order.

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