Ponaxen-45 (Ponatinib)


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Active substance
Ponatinib, 45 mg
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Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd
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Buy Ponaxen-45 (Ponatinib)

Ponaxen-45, manufactured in Bangladesh, is intended for the treatment of myeloid and lymphoblastic leukemia. Ponatinib 45 mg tablets are prescribed for adult patients when one or more previous chemotherapy treatments have failed. The drug is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and is available for purchase from an online pharmacy. Before you buy Ponaxen-45, consult your doctor or oncologist.

Ponaxen-45 price

The pharmaceutical company Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd, whose production facilities are located in Bangladesh, received a license from WHO to manufacture the drug, the original of which is Iklusig. The original was researched and tested in a clinical setting, which allows the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company to spend less money on it, because Ponaxen-45 is completely identical to Iclusig. Thus, the cost of Ponaxen-45 allows the majority of those in need to use it. The price of tablets in the Pharmacy is also determined by direct deliveries from the warehouses of Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Reviews about Ponaksen-45

The clinical picture of the results of the use of the drug "Iclusig" showed that the active agent of the drug - ponatinib, systemically affects cancer cells, stopping their replication. Ponaxen-45 inhibits tumor growth by destroying the system of proliferation of malignant cells. The drug Ponaxen-45 is created according to an updated formula, which has reduced the number of side effects.

Description of tablets Ponaxen-45 (Ponatinib)

The original package contains 30 Ponaxen-45 tablets, each of which contains 45 mg of ponatinib, which destroys the tumor. The drug is metabolized by the kidneys and intestines.

Indications and methods of application of Ponaxen-45 

Ponaxen-45 tablets are used as a monopreparation or as part of a complex in the treatment of blood cancer. The course provides for a single dose of the drug. According to the instructions, the pills are taken at the same time of the day, the maximum delay in admission is four hours. The daily dose is equal to one tablet, in exceptional cases, the treating oncologist or therapist may prescribe a different dosage of the drug.

Contraindications Ponaxen-45 

Ponaxen-45 tablets are not recommended for use in case of individual intolerance to the components of the drug, in case of malfunctioning of the liver and kidneys, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

How to order Ponaxen-45 (Ponatinib)?

To order Ponaxen-45 tablets, you can use a special form on the Pharmacy website, order a call back from a specialist using a special button, or call one of the specified phone numbers. The consultant will help you determine the amount of the drug, tell you about payment methods and delivery times, and the pharmacy's staff doctor will inform you about the purchased drug.

Delivery Ponaxen-45

The ordered quantity of Ponaxen-45 tablets will be delivered to any city in Russia. Delivery is carried out by sending by post of Russia or international service EMS. On the website of the Pharmacy, you can choose to deliver the tablets by courier. Either option guarantees confidentiality and secure packaging of the order.

Payment Ponaxen-45 (Ponatinib)

The ordered quantity of Ponaxen-45 packs can be paid upon receipt. Such a calculation system allows customers to verify the quality of the packaging and tablets, to check the expiration dates of the medicine. If you pay the entire amount of the order before receiving it or order several packs of medicine, the pharmacy guarantees a discount.