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Mitomycin 10 mg


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Active substance
Mitomycin, 10 mg
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Zaydus Heptiza
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Where to Buy Mitomycin?

Today, one of the most innovative drugs in the fight against cancer is Mitomycin. This drug was developed to treat patients with various types of cancer. The medication is effective in reducing the symptoms of the disease. You will definitely not find such medicines in pharmacies on the streets of your city. Today there is a unique opportunity - to buy Mitomycin on the website at the most pleasant price. Entrust us with your order, and we will promptly send it to you. All drugs that are located on our website were brought to us from a supplier. This means that with us you will forget about unnecessary overpayments. Do not self-medicate, but before you start taking Mitomycin, visit your doctor, who will be able to thoroughly examine you.

Prices for the drug Mitomycin

Mitomycin is formulated with an active ingredient called mitomycin. This component manifests itself already at the initial stages in the treatment of patients. The medicine is quite effective in the field of oncology. Today you can order Mitomycin at a price that will definitely impress you. You always have the opportunity to compare our prices with the prices of other pharmacies and you will not find cheaper. Save money thanks to our website, where we provide all patients with a quality guarantee for all medicines.

Active ingredient Mitomycin

Mitomycin is very actively used today to treat patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. The substance has an effect on various types of cancerous tumors. In humans, little by little, the symptoms become less noticeable and palpable. Immunity is greatly enhanced. During therapy with the active substance mitomycin, various negative effects periodically occur, such as: shortness of breath; dry cough; interstitial pneumonia; congestive heart failure; vomit; nausea; diarrhea; anorexia; stomatitis; impaired liver function; hair falls out a lot; allergies that occur on the skin; headache; fever; cellulite and others. Check with your doctor, because sometimes adverse reactions indicate that the drug needs to be replaced.


Please note that Mitomycin must be sold in a sealed original box. Inside the box is a bottle containing 10 mg of the medicine.

Indications for Mitomycin

Specialists may prescribe the drug Mitomycin if a patient has been diagnosed with cancer. The drug can treat different types of cancer.


The drug Mitomycin is contraindicated for: individual intolerance to the components of the drug; severe chronic renal failure; various acute infectious diseases; carrying a fetus or breastfeeding; bleeding tendencies; bone marrow hypoplasia.

How to order Mitomycin?

Immediately after your doctor prescribes the drug Mitomycin for admission, you can make your order on the pharmacy website. The site is available at your service at any time of the day. All medicines are certified and have all licenses.


Take advantage of a very convenient service - delivery of the Mitomycin drug directly to your door. You can also indicate in the order that you want to pick up your goods from the post office. Check with our consultants for all the details.

Payment Mitomycin

With us, you don't have to worry about the security of your payment. After all, we give you a choice: available, both online payment for goods when ordering, and payment directly when receiving the medicine Mitomycin in hand.

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