Lenvaxen-10 (Lenvatinib 10 mg)


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Active substance
Lenvatinib, 10 mg
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Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Lenvaxen-10, which contains lenvatinib, is available from the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and is intended for the treatment of small cell renal carcinoma and thyroid carcinoma. The medicine is recommended for dealing with severe stages of the disease and in cases where surgery is impossible or did not bring the desired result. Before buying Lenwaxen-10 at a pharmacy, you should consult your doctor.

Lenwaxen-10 price

The original Lenwaxen-10 is Lenvima, a drug developed by the British pharmacologists of Eisai Europe Limited. The original has been thoroughly studied, which allows the Bangladeshi company Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd not to waste resources on research and testing, since Lenvaxen-10 is fully consistent with the anti-cancer agent Lenvima. Thanks to the license that was transferred by the World Health Organization, the Bangladeshi manufacturer produces a quality medicine, the price of which makes it available to patients all over the world. The pharmacy offers Lenvaxen-10 at a favorable price, which does not include customs duties and other surcharges.

Reviews of Lenvaxen-10 tablets

Studies of the Lenvima drug have shown that the active agent of the drug, lenvatinib, has an inhibitory effect on tyrosine kinase receptors, reducing the growth of cancerous tumors. Lenvaxen-10 triggers the body's protective properties, which has a beneficial effect on the patient's health. Lenvaksen-10 is approved for the treatment of oncological diseases in many countries of the world and is actively used for these purposes in Russia.

The pharmacy offers for sale packs of the drug containing 30 tablets. Lenvaxen-10 round, biconvex capsules contain 10 mg of lenvatinib, which acts on the RTK of cancer cells, blocking their growth. The drug is metabolized during the day and excreted by the kidneys and intestines.

Indications and methods of using lenvatinib

Lenvaxen-10 tablets are used as a monopreparation or as an additional medication in the treatment of endocrine system oncological diseases. The course provides for a single dose of the drug. According to the instructions, tablets with one dose of lenvatinib are taken at the same time of day. The daily dose is equal to one capsule; in exceptional cases, the treating oncologist may revise the dosage of the medication.

Contraindications for Lenvaxen-10

Lenvaxen-10 is not recommended for individual intolerance to lenvatinib, liver and kidney failure, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and children under 18 years of age.

The online pharmacy offers convenient Lenvaxen-10 ordering options. For a quick order, you can fill out a special form on our website, after which a consultant will contact you to complete the registration. Another convenient way of ordering is a call to a multichannel phone. Before ordering in any chosen way, you can get answers to questions from our consultant doctor about the use of the medicine, its action and properties.

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Lenvaxen-10 delivery times depend on the distance of the destination from the pharmacy warehouse. The drug is delivered to all cities of Russia.

Lenvaxen-10 payment

Buying Lenwaxen-10 in the Pharmacy, you pay for it only after filling out and receiving the medicine in your hands. The deferred payment system allows you to verify the integrity of the drug package, its expiration date and quality. If you pay for Lenvaxen-10 immediately after registration or order several packs of medicine at once, the online pharmacy will provide a discount.