Entekor 0,5 mg (Еntecavir)


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Active substance
Entecavir 0,5 mg
Hepatitis B
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Aprazer Health Care
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Entekor 0.5 mg is a drug produced by the Indian company Aprazer. This is a generic of the original drug "Baraklud", which effectively fights against hepatitis B viruses. The active ingredient of the drug is entecavir, its content in one tablet is 0.5 mg. The international name of the drug is Entekor.

 Entekor: price

 The cost of the medicine is low, which means that many patients are able to receive regular and intensive treatment. Generics have the same effect as the original drugs, so doctors recommend them to patients. Our pharmacy works directly with suppliers, which allows us to ensure the availability of medicines and a loyal pricing policy.

 Reviews about the drug Entekor

 From the very first weeks of using Entecor, patients notice a significant improvement in their well-being and quality of life. If you take the medicine in accordance with the prescription of the attending physician and being under his constant supervision, the therapeutic effect will appear quickly, and there will be no serious side effects.

health conditions come on quickly. Within two or three weeks, many feel relief from the condition, and over time, the disease goes into permanent remission.


The release form of the medicinal product is tablets packed in a plastic container. The cover is screwed on. One package contains 30 tablets, which are enough for just a month of treatment.

 Description of the drug Entekor

 Thanks to the targeted action of entecavir on the affected liver cells, the virus stops spreading throughout the body, and the patients' well-being improves every day.

 Entekor: indications for use

 Hepatitis B, which has a chronic course. You need to take Entekor one tablet daily at a dosage of 0.5 mg, before going to bed. It is desirable that the stomach is empty, so at least two hours should pass from the moment of the last meal. It is recommended to take the drug at the same time.

 Entekor: contraindications

 You can not take the medicine to patients under the age of 18, allergy sufferers and people with severe forms of liver and kidney failure. For pregnant and lactating women, the drug is prescribed carefully, taking into account all possible risks.


A convenient form for ordering medicines on our website allows you to get a medicine in a short time. Delivery is fast with us, and payment is made in any convenient way.

 Entekor medication ordering

 To order the medicine Entecor, use the application in the appropriate section of the site, fill in all the necessary data, send it to us and wait for feedback.

 Entekor: delivery

 Delivery of the drug is possible by courier or postal service. We are interested in ensuring that all patients who turn to us for medicines receive them quickly and on time.


 You can pay for your order by bank transfer or cash, after making sure that the packaging is intact and that the expiration date is correct.