Entekor 1,0 mg (Еntecavir)


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Active substance
Entecavir 1,0 mg
Hepatitis B
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The drug Entekor belongs to the inhibitory type of anti-inflammatory drugs. Its main task is to effectively fight the hepatitis B virus. It slows down the development of cellular structures affected by the virus and destroys them. The drug is manufactured by the company "Apraser" (India). It is an effective generic with the active ingredient Entecavir. The international name of the drug is Entekor.

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 You can buy Entekor in the online store of our pharmacy. The price of the drug is affordable, and since we work directly with the manufacturers, the patient always has the opportunity to buy the amount of the drug that he needs for the course of treatment.

 Entekor: price

 There are people who are skeptical about generics, believing that they are not as effective as the original drugs. This is not the case: pharmacological technologies are moving forward, and Indian companies are doing everything possible to ensure that effective drugs become available to most patients. The high quality and benefits of generics have been repeatedly confirmed by clinical studies and doctors' recommendations, and their cost is acceptable and democratic.


 Patients suffering from viral hepatitis B respond well to Entecor and notice an improvement in their condition after two to three weeks of regular intake of the drug. If taken correctly, in accordance with medical recommendations, the disease quickly goes into permanent remission.


Entecavir is the active active ingredient of the drug. When it enters the body, its action begins after a couple of hours. Entecavir restores cell structures affected by the virus and prevents its further multiplication.

 Description of the drug Entekor

 One package of Entecavir contains 30 film-coated tablets.

 Entekor: indications for use

 Viral hepatitis B is the main indication for the use of the drug. The drug should be used only as directed by the attending physician, with constant monitoring of the dosage and time of admission. You need to take Entekor 2 or 2 hours after a meal.

 Entekor: contraindications

 Patients under the age of 18 cannot take Entecor. Also, it is not recommended for use by the elderly, allergy sufferers or patients with severe liver and kidney damage.


You can place an order, receive delivery and pay for the drug after filling out an application on the website.

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 To order the drug Entekor in the required quantity, fill out the online application, indicating all the contact details, so that we can deliver the medicine to you at the correct address. After filling out the questionnaire, wait for our specialist to contact you to clarify all the details of the order.

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 You can pay for the order both in cash and by bank transfer, after making sure of the integrity of the packaging and the valid expiration date of the drug.