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New and inexpensive for breast cancer: Palbocent

To fight breast cancer, new therapies and drugs are being developed every day. Pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer recently presented a substance that has shown excellent results in the fight against breast cancer. The efficacy was found to be high in the treatment of metastatic and locally advanced cancers.

Тенофовир алафенамид

Tenofovir alafenamide

Pharmacists of the first online pharmacy in Russia "HTP" offer clients diagnosed with HIV and Hepatitis B to buy a nucleotide inhibitor "Tenofovir Alafenamide" from the American manufacturer Gilead.

The drug "Dolutegravir"

Customers of the first online pharmacy, HTP, have the opportunity to buy Dolutegravir, a class of integrase inhibitors, from ViiV Healthcare.

The drug "Truvada"

The assortment of the first online pharmacy in Russia "HTP" includes a drug known since 2004, the American drug "Truvada", prescribed by doctors for the treatment or prevention of HIV.

фармацевтическая компания «Gilead»

American pharmaceutical company "Gilead"

On the website of the first online pharmacy in Russia - "HTP", several original drugs from the manufacturer "Gilead" are presented, which have already proven their effectiveness and helped thousands of people to heal patients around the world.

Mylan Firm

The first online pharmacy in Russia "HTP" offers clients several names of drugs from the well-known manufacturer "Mylan" for the treatment of hepatitis B, HIV and AIDS. Its successful



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