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Against influenza and COVID-19: Hetero's Favivir tablets

Our pharmacy offers fast delivery of the antiviral drug Favivir from the Indian pharmacological manufacturer Hetero Healthcare. The medicine is recommended for the treatment of RNA viruses, including the coronavirus, which became widespread around the world at the beginning of 2020.

Favivir began to be used against COVID-19 in China in March 2020. The drug showed a positive result after a course of therapy in the control group, which made it possible to recommend the drug for the treatment of coronavirus in Italy, the USA, Russia and other countries of the world affected by the widespread disease.

Mechanism of action of Favivir tablets (200mg)

The principle of action of the drug is still being studied, which explains two opinions about the mechanism of action of the drug Favivir. In the first case, it is said that the drug inhibits the RNA polymerase of the virus, depriving it of nutrition and the ability to reproduce. The second version says that the drug creates mutations in the RNA of viral cells, which leads to the creation of non-viable viral phenotypes. However, both versions agree that the drug is effective for:

  • influenza strains A and B;
  • Ebola and Lassa fever viruses;
  • coronavirus.

In addition, Favivir is very effective against rabies and some other viral diseases.

How to take Favivir 

Favivir tablets are prescribed by the attending physician. The traditional course of treatment consists of five days, on the first day it is recommended to take 1600 milligrams of the drug twice a day, for the next four days the medicine is taken at 600 milligrams twice a day. To avoid the side effects of the medication, you should not use Favivir without the recommendation of a specialist.

Favivir contraindications 

During the tests, the drug was found to have a negative effect on pregnant women - Favivir can affect the DNA of the unborn child and lead to fetal damage, therefore, Favivir is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Also, you should not take the drug with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug and with liver failure.

Where to buy Favivir tablets?

Convenient ways of ordering the drug Favivir are offered on the website of our pharmacy. The required amount of medicine can be purchased in a few clicks. We offer convenient payment methods and fast delivery to all regions of the country.

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