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Palbonix - new in the treatment of cancer

A new breakthrough in breast cancer treatment: Palbonix

The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, through its scientists, created a substance several years ago that has shown excellent results in the fight against breast cancer. Moreover, the effectiveness was high in the treatment of metastatic and locally advanced forms of the disease. The active agent was named palbociclib.

In clinical trials, the optimal dose of the active substance was identified for use, after which Pfizer created a unique and in some way even revolutionary drug for the treatment of breast cancer - Ibrance. The medicine was almost immediately approved by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine, in addition, Ibransa was widely used in more than 85 countries. In 2016, the drug received the US Galen Award for Best Pharmaceutical Product of the Year.

Ibranza has indeed shown excellent results in treating women with breast cancer around the world. The only drawback of the drug is its cost.

Palbonix - one to one

Pharmaceutical companies from Bangladesh have long been successful in the production of analogues of vital drugs. This is what Ibrance has become. Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited has launched an analogue of this drug - Palbonix. The formula of the drug was transferred to the Bangladeshi manufacturer WHO in order to make the drug available to all segments of the population.

Palbonix is ​​a complete copy of Ibransa. It contains the same amount of the active substance - palbociclib - 125 mg, due to which the effectiveness of Palbonix is ​​not inferior to the original. The action of Palbonix is ​​to inhibit the proteinenase protein of cancer cells, which inhibits the growth of tumors, destroying them from the inside. Palbonix is ​​produced in the same way as the original, in hard gelatin capsules, 21 pieces in a blister, packed in a branded cardboard box with holograms, where the production and expiration dates are indicated.

According to the doctors who prescribed Palbonix and Ibransa, the drug helps to significantly slow down the progression of the disease, reduce symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients.  

The drug Palbonix is ​​available for patients from Russia, to order the drug, consult a specialist in our pharmacy.

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