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Imbruvica - the original drug Ibrutinib

Description of the drug Imbruvik

Imbruvik's drug belongs to antineoplastic drugs, inhibitors of proteityrosine kinase. Registered in Russia since 2014 by Janssen, a pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson. This event gave many people with B-cell malignant neoplasms the opportunity not only to further fight the disease, but also to obtain positive results in the form of remission.

Mechanism of action

Imbruvik's drug contains the active substance ibrutinib, which has the ability to suppress the activity of the enzyme Bruton's tyrosine kinase, which is an activator of antigenic receptors in B-lymphocytes. As soon as the receptors of B-lymphocytes receive a signal from tyrosine kinase, a cascade of intracellular reactions is triggered in them, as a result of which there is an increased proliferation of tumor B-lymphocytes and their ability to adhere and fix in the tissues of the body is realized, leading to the formation of metastases. By forming a strong connection with the active center of Bruton's tyrazine kinase, ibrutinib suppresses its work. This is the main target of ibrutinib in the body. The pathological process slows down: in B-lymphocytes, not only growth slows down, but also the ability to survive decreases, which gives a high probability of slowing down the further development of the disease. Due to the violation of the signaling processes between B-lymphocytes, chemotaxis is suppressed and, as a result, the adhesion of B-lymphocytes in tissues.

Long-term research results

According to a long-term study of the effectiveness of Ibrutinib, the Janssen company provided information according to which the effectiveness of treatment is higher, the earlier treatment is started, and in addition, the number and severity of side effects decreases.

Advantages over the original

It is known that a company in Bangladesh, Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd, received the right to manufacture the generic drug Ibruksen. Like any generic drug, the drug contains the same active substance - ibrutinib, as the original drug Imbruvic produced by the American company Johnson & Johnson. Despite the fact that in both preparations the active substance is the same, the generic Ibruksen can be purchased at a more affordable price without compromising quality. This is only possible due to the fact that it is Johnson & Johnson who has the role of the discoverers of this original drug, and Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd. now has the right to manufacture.

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